Early 20 C. Antique Pink Pig Fairing in Green Suitcase Bank

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Isn't this the cutest?? This is an early porcelain Pink Pig in a green coin purse or suitcase bank with a cute pig head on one end, and a cute curly tail out the opposite side. Unmarked but made in Germany.

These action pigs were sold as souvenirs in train depots, amusement parks and gift shops. The unmarked version are from earlier. This particular one is pictured on page #392 in Schroeder’s Antiques and Price Guides published by Collector Books, 2000 edition. Please see photos for further information.

Overall in great shape, a bit of the gold paint on the clasp/brim of the "purse/suitcase" has rubbed off a bit but that's really it. Very well kept.

Dimensions:¬†4‚ÄĚ long and 3‚ÄĚ tall¬†

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