Vintage Haeger Pottery Fun Green Vase

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Haeger Pottery – a company which ceased production in 2016, but its 145 year history created a legacy that still makes collectors’ hearts flutter. The sleek Greek-inspired designs set the bar for high quality and crisp aesthetics. Yes, the designs were original. Yes, the craftsmanship was impeccable. But what Haeger became known for were his glazes – collectors still marvel at the sheen, depth of color, and durability within these designs.

This sweet limey green babe is sure to makes your heart flutter, along with anyone who walks into her space. She's a head turner, no doubt. Add some fresh wild flowers, some awesome resin flowers (I know an awesome gal if you need), that special bouquet you dried out, or absolutely nothing at all. It's beautiful all the same.

No major flaws to note, but there is a small chip on the mouth of the vase. Please reference the last picture for more detail. It's towards the back of the vase and very small and unnoticeable unless pointed out.

8.5" tall x 3"w


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