10" Annalee 1996 Bedtime Scrooge Doll

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Here we have an original Annalee Dicken's Bedtime Scrooge Doll from 1996. This doll is a rare find and in new condition with tags. Bedtime Scrooge stands in his forest green robe, black slippers and long beige night cap holding a candlestick with holly leaves in one hand while swinging his long black cane in the other. He stands 10" tall on a tan round fabric base.

The tag reads:

Annalee Thorndike is the designer of this handcrafted doll. The Thorndike family and Local Artisans hope you'll enjoy its whimsical charm for many years. The doll's mobility and flexibility allow you to create your own ideas in positioning, resulting in the best of display and decoration. 

Don't miss this opportunity to add this to your Annalee collection!

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