1948 Copa de Oro Fantasy Giraffes

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Copa de Oro is absolutely fantastic! Meet: A Copa de Oro Fantasy Giraffe Pair. Circa 1948 California pottery. All hand-painted and signed by Mary Jane Hart. These whimsical little creatures are made of ceramic and adorned with many blue and gold flowers. They both have gold manes, and the smaller guy with blue flowers also has gold horns. And what a tail! It curls all around and is shiny gold! Sometimes these creatures can be found in black and gold or in red clay but rarely will you see one that is completely covered with different colored glazes, but two you say!? They both have their gold Copa de Oro hand decorated ceramics sticker and is signed MJH.

The smaller guy stands 4.5"h x 3"w (some crazing, most of his blue flowers stayed intact but a couple were chipped, extremely good condition otherwise)

The large beauty stands 5.5" tall x 2.5"w (extremely minimal wear for its age, minimal crazing, a slight chip on the large pink top left ear, and a few of its white flowers have chipped but not noticeable unless searching these minimal flaws.

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