A Spirited Dance Hanging Lady Planter

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Isn't she a knock-out? This true blue antique lady was made in the late 1970s. Her arms away, full figure pose, suggests a spirited dance. The facial features are particularly well painted, notably the eyes with the top and bottom blue makeup. Her accessories also do not let down, with her clay colored dangling earrings and arm cuffs, along with her gold necklace which really bring her to life. Hanging from two black beaded chains at 24" long, standing 5.25"w x 4" h. 

Please note, this gal is very antique and has had some repairs made, from what I see, her neck has been repaired and she is also missing the tip of her fingers on one hand. Personally, I don't think any of these imperfections are noticeable unless you are searching for it. Just having the chance to find another one of theses rare models makes her worth it! (price has been adjusted)

Perfect for airplants, succulents, faux greenery, or nothing at all!

*free airplant with each planter*

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