Antique Musical Jolly Chimp – Working Condition!

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For many toy collectors a monkey playing cymbals vintage toy is a treasured find to add to their toy collections. Introduced in the 1950s by the Japanese toy company, Daishin C-K, the Musical Jolly Chimp became a huge success. The highlight of this vintage treasure is when you switch him on he slaps his cymbals together to bring delight to its owners.

This guy is obviously very old. He was actually a childhood toy my father used to play with, so he well over 75 years old, and the fact that he still works is amazing. There are some flaws, stains, etc along with a missing ear, but all to be expected from a toy that was played with often almost 8 decades ago.

A great collectors piece or a long awaited reunion with a childhood favorite toy!

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