Antique Pullman Conductor Railroad Hat

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Looking for a true blue antique with a true blue story behind it? Look no further. This here is a very rare early 20th century original Pullman Conductor Railroad hat worn by my very own Grandfather while working on a coal-burning steam engine locomotive. These steam engines spewed smoke and cinders into the air and one day one of those hot cinders spewed into the air, and you know what they say…”what goes up must come…down” scorching a burn hole right through the top of my Pop Pop’s cap.

I hope by sharing a little piece of the past with the present, this will bring a smile and sense of appreciation to the new owner.

The cap is black with a flat circular top and a short visor. A gold braid stretches across the top of the brim attached around a brass button on both sides of the hat. The original badge stamped with “Pullman Conductor” is attached to the front of the cap.

Amazing vintage condition with a cinder hole on the top; perfect for any Railroad history buffs/collectors.

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