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This beauty is one of my newer, and most favored gals. She has distinct unique features that set her a part from her fellow, more traditional, HLPs. The touch of metallic gold hand-painted throughout complements her amber hair and makeup perfectly. So simple, yet her eyes convey something much more complex. I wonder what she is thinking about with her head turned slightly to one side, eyes gazing off into the distance. Is she daydreaming about a special someone? Watching a sad movie? or hungry and wondering when the heck dinner will be ready? Beautiful all the same.

La Pureté hangs from two gold chains at a total of 24" long, and stands 3.5"h x 3.25"w.

This gal is one of five custom hand-made/hand-painted lady busts created by the oh so very talented Lena Krylova, who hails from Moscow, Russia. Lena creates these unbelievably beautiful, not your everyday dolls. They are pieces of moveable art, and my favorite part about her work is the eccentricity behind it. So creative and refreshing to see. Please do check out Lena and her dolls on Instagram @mori_and_her_friends

I have 3 more ladies by Lena and will be listing two more in the shop this week, the last one is mine:)

**free shipping and free air plant with every Hanging Lady Planter purchase**

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