Vintage Kitty Climber Ceramic Wall Art

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Calling all you Cat Lovers (including me). This is a hard one to part with but since I am partial to Tuxedo kitties, I can let this fabulous feline go to a good home with nice walls to climb.

This vintage ceramic white and black cat climber stands a wopping 11" tall and could easily be mistaken for a real kitty. My cat's get don't quite understand why he won't give them the time of day, but that's for them to figure out.

So I am not completely sure of the maker, but after much research and due to the style of this figurine I believe this is a Camark Climbing Cat that was made by Camark Pottery  Camark Pottery was a pottery established in 1926 in Camden, Arkansas.The Camark hanging cat drew inspiration, where life-size terra cotta cats were placed on roof tops throughout Paris and the French country side to ward off mice and rats. In the U.S. Camark cats were sold in the 1950's and 60's hung on houses, trees, and walls. This wall climber could also be set on a table as well as hung on a wall.

Gently used vintage condition. Most of the wear is on the bottom. 

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